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Basically a fun way to “watch” your favorite Instagram posts on the go. Notable: Coub is up to speed with YouTube’s black and white theme. You can either choose to make videos look like they were taken in the middle of the night, or a new option to change it to black and white is now in the option menu. 4. Vimeo Lens Who? Vimeo Lens is one of the only websites that lets you use your phone to explore the Vimeo site. How? In addition to letting you browse the Vimeo library and explore categories, you can upload and download videos, and even add music. Notable: With just a couple of taps, you can get started exploring Vimeo’s content. 5. Veedo Who? Veedo is a tool for finding free music on YouTube and other platforms. How? Veedo acts like a podcast aggregator. Notable: By far my favorite feature is the ability to download a list of all the free music on Veedo and YouTube with a single click. 6. Haunt Me Who? Haunt Me is a website that was created in partnership with The Guardian. How? This website is best used for finding free music to stream on the go. Notable: Each day they feature a new song in a genre that the site was built for. 7. Show Me Who? Show Me is a site where you can find free music on YouTube. How? Just like the name suggests, you simply type in a keyword and Show Me will list that song. Notable: For people who have no interest in streaming music, the interface is the easiest way to find a song on YouTube. 8. Libby Who? Libby is a free app that lets you download and listen to free music on YouTube. How? Just like Show Me, type in a keyword and Libby will list all the available music for that search. Notable: They have a similar list as Show Me. 9. YouTube Music Who? YouTube Music is a new YouTube music service that is built around the idea of the Spotify model. How? They have a built-in Spotify playlist with a couple of million songs. Notable: To get to this Spotify playlist, you simply have to tap the Spotify button at the bottom




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Paragon HFS For Windows Incl Crack .rar

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