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Want To Study UX/UI Design Abroad? Here Are The Top 10 Programs

There is some truth to the statement that pursuing UX can be tricky. Along with being a field of passion, a UX career drives you to make some serious decisions. The process of submitting applications, cracking exams, and getting recommendation letters from mentors might feel challenging. But, the real nerve-wracking part is the decision where you have to figure out whether you want to invest two precious years of your life in a UX course. Some people may decide before starting their UX career, while others may keep it for later.

Whatever the case may be, this part of your UX career needs thorough research and some serious thinking. But, don’t worry, we’ve got your back! This article offers you all valuable information regarding some of the best UX graduation programs you can pursue abroad, including graduation courses, online courses, and master's degrees. It will hopefully make your decision-making process easier. So, take a deep breath and carefully read about these UX programs given below.

Immersive Design Strategy and Social Innovation Course At Austin Centre of Design.

Program duration- 1 year

About the program- It’s a non-accredited program that offers certification in design strategy and social innovation. It’s a unique blend of design strategy, interaction design, and social entrepreneurship. In addition, it cultivates a humanitarian approach to design among students, where they get the opportunity to learn from world-class, thought-leading faculties. It also makes the students practice service design, project management, and portfolio development.

Interaction Design Program at George Brown College, Toronto, Canada.

Program duration- 3 years

About the program- It’s an excellent program for both novice and experienced people who want to pursue UI or UX. Though it’s a traditional academic program, it offers the best education along with the advantage of an esteemed name behind. It broadly covers all the essential topics such as information architecture, immersive media, usability testing, data visualization, technical drawing, and more. The only downside is that it could be pretty expensive, especially for non-Canadians.

User Experience Design and Development Skills Certificate at OCAD University, Toronto, Ontario

Program duration- 3 Months to 3 Years

About the program- It’s an online program which is why it is great for remote learning. As the program is affiliated with an accredited university, it offers flexibility for the type and timing of the course. To bag a certificate, you have to enroll yourself in at least 5 courses. Every course has a limit of 5-8 students, meaning it will be highly focused on each student individually.

User Experience Design Certification Course at University of California San Diego

Program duration- 15-21 Months

About the program- If you’re someone looking for US-based learning, this program is for you! And, yes, that too with a certification. It’s a highly flexible UX program as it is online and offers a wide variety of elective courses along with the core teaching of responsive design. It makes the students finish at least 1-2 courses every 3 months. However, students might face issues with the category, frequency of communication, and feedback quality. So, it's vital to precisely understand the hybrid classes format before you jump in.

Professional Diploma in UX Design at the UX Design Institute (accredited by Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland)

Program duration- 6 months

About the program- The program introduces learners to the basics of UX design, design thinking, and design processes and deliverables. The completely online UX program is excellent for absolute beginners and slightly experienced UXers willing to enhance their knowledge. There is a set study plan for the course, along with project instructions and recorded classes. In addition, the program allows students to join monthly webinars where they can seek guidance and feedback from experts. A remote final exam will be conducted once you get done and dusted with the modules and projects. You’ll be awarded a diploma after you pass the exam.

Master’s in Media Arts and Sciences (MAS) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Program duration- 2 years

About the program- The program is open to students having diverse backgrounds. Currently, there are approx 400 projects for students to conduct with tools of learning and expression and to innovate devices for human adaptation and augmentation. In addition, MAS offers multiple graduate programs and several undergraduate subjects. Their focus is on design, communication, human-computer interaction, and much more.

Master of Design (MDes) at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

Program duration- 2 years

About the program- This professional master’s degree program is available for students with an undergraduate degree or some previous experience. Its focus is to enhance foundational knowledge of interaction design. Along with the various project work it offers, the program's highlight is the second-year thesis project. Students will have to conduct independent research and develop project design under a mentor during the thesis.

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Interaction design at School of Visual Arts NYC

Program duration- 2 years

About the program- MFA is a holistic program where students attain the training of researching, analyzing, prototyping, and designing concepts in various contexts. It aims to teach interaction design to students so that they can contribute value to society and businesses and make a difference!

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design

Program duration- 2 years

About the program- It’s a dynamic master’s degree program that covers design and technology by providing students with a challenging and innovative curriculum. The themes range widely from design, illustration, fine arts, photography, and more.

Master of Science in User Experience and Interaction Design at Philadelphia University

Program duration- 2 years

About the program- It is an extremely broad master’s program where students enhance their visual thinking and conceptual understanding by exploring various disciplines such as interactive design, user experience, user interaction, web-based media, and more. The comprehensive course focuses on interactive designing along with students' collaborative skills.

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