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UX Writing: The New Trend In Town!

There is an impressive growth trajectory on “UX writers” searches on Google Trends graph. Big tech players like Google, Amazon, Uber, Facebook, etc. are actively hiring for this position for the past few years now. Why is it so? Why is the IT industry hunting for writers with this specific designation and not the regular copywriters? The reasons are interesting but not at all astonishing. UX writing is nothing but writing for the users. But, wait, It’s not that simple! Stay tuned till the end as we break it down for you in this article.

“UX copywriting, or user-experience copywriting, is the act of writing and structuring copy that moves digital users, like visitors and customers, towards accomplishing a goal in an intuitive way.”- Chelsea Armstrong (Copywriter at Copyhackers)

From your phones to your refrigerator, everything is smart and can communicate. Do you think it’s all about technology and design? If it is so, we are sorry to tell you, but you are clearly mistaken! Yes, users perceive images and designs a lot faster than words. But, the right words save them from misinterpretation and navigate them to the point for what they actually came looking for!

“UX copywriting is slightly different from the regular copywriting as it adheres to the immediate need of transforming your product’s app and web communication, which is the first thing a user witnesses while exploring your company.”- Jasmine Bano (Senior Manager- Copywriting at AJIO-Reliance)

So, when the enchanting design hooks the users, UX writing, be it microcopy, headline, or small pop-ups, binds them to derive the best usability from the digital product. UX copywriting is the key that enables clear and meaningful conversations between users and products. By writing succinctly appropriate text and setting the right tone, UX writers create a perfect bond between users and digital products.

What is UX Writing?

Content and write-ups of digital products are the touchpoints where the user meets the product, like literally! These texts guide and inform the users for the very purpose they approached the app or website. They humbly welcome the users and also make them aware of the “why” and “how” of using the product. For instance, Paytm uses the tagline “faster and smoother payments” which certainly lightens the mood of people in a hurry to make transactions.

And wait! This does not stop here. The interface text also has a crucial responsibility to voice the perspectives of the organization and business. So, most UX writers design an end-to-end user text for the whole business team that involves software designers as well as the marketing team. Thus, UX writers are a complete package for user experience texts. The rising and shining role is cross-functional, especially with technical writers, marketing writers, content strategists, etc.

UX writing is about presenting concise and clear copy for the users right from the moment they enter a screen. UX writers produce texts that provide users seamless navigation, avoid confusion, and simplify the tasks they want to achieve through the digital product.

What Do UX Writers Actually Do?

Research- As UX is all about users, UX writers have to study the targeted audience thoroughly. While having empathy for the users, UX writers have to create a flow of texts in the design process and predict user pain points. Being an on-board, full-time team member, UX writers may have the liberty to conduct surveys and research to study users. And, mind you, this is not a one-time thing! Many companies expect UX copywriters to iterate and update the content constantly.

Write Concise Copy and Content- UX writers write, duh! But, this writing is not the same as the writers whose novels or articles you read. It is about hitting the mark with crisp words. And, while UX writers do this, they cannot afford any spelling, grammar, or mechanics errors. After all the diligent work, the text they come up with is known as Microcopy, UI content, product copy, etc. From the delightful greeting message you see on the homepage to the instructions, error messages, and regular updates, UX writers have to plan that all! Other than this, UX writers may also have to strategize business voice, content audits, detailed documentation, legal notices, etc., with content strategists and technical writers while adhering to appropriate language rules.

Set The Tone Right- UX writers develop doses of reassurances for users. The correct tone is essential to engage users and achieve business goals. Shopping apps saying “deals you cannot miss” let the user stay and look at what they have in store. UX writers thus, introduce users to new ideas creatively and innovatively. These words then lead them to the functionality of the digital product and how it can make their lives a little easier.

UX writers study users as well as business goals to stimulate productive relationships between users and digital products. They precisely create clear and concise content that includes microcopies, taglines, and instructions, all of which add up to offer an incredible and fun user journey.

Interface designing- This may come as a surprise to many, but yes, UX writers have a significant role to play in UI design. UX writers have to sit along with the designing team to finalize a design that is in harmony with the basic product idea, design, and of course, user demands.

Collaborate With The Corporate- A UX writer has to have a special regard for cross-team collaboration. If you have worked in a corporation as a writer, you know how from a project manager to a graphic designer, everyone has an opinion about your words. Companies want UX writers to create content but be particular about business development, project design, marketing, and legal boundations. So, they are looking for writers who can hit two birds with a single stone. Thus, the multi-functional role demands a regular collaboration with the rest of the corporate team.

UX teams work for design and business, where UX writers have to work closely with them. Here, UX writers are specialists who procure effortless user interaction besides working on the lines of marketing and business strategy.


UX writing is not mere copywriting but a game of ‘the right’ user-oriented words. So, the writers have to wrap their head around technology, knowledge of software designs, social trends, as well as user needs to serve the best user experience. UX writing is, thus, no less than writing poetry for digital products as the writers set the quintessential tone and design crisp text to captivate the users.

Also, with the growth of the industry, a career in UX writing as a promising endeavor as UX writers will now have a chance to lay their abilities and narrative on the tech table. And, when it comes down to the users, no designer or project manager can take a chance to ignore UX writers. Therefore, in the constantly developing smart world, content and design both establish the digital product to stand out!

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