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Project Tracking & Management for software companies — UX Case Study

Updated: May 10, 2019

Managing and growing a software company can be a daunting task. Especially as the company grows and more and more employees join the team it starts to get complicated to keep track of how much work is done for each project and who is free to work on the next project. After this, the client would also want to know the status of the project.

For this project, the client already had an initial version of the project — we were approached to redesign the software to make it simpler to use and visually clean.


To start the project, we interviewed the stakeholders and other users of the existing software. Then analyzed the usability by identifying all the different tasks the user can do or wants to do and their importance and comparing them to how easy it is to do that task in the existing software to understand the pain points and issues in the existing application.


Based on the findings of the research, we reconfigured the IA and made wireframes to define the interaction design and act as a skeleton for the final visual design.


Once the wireframes were finalized, we started working on the visual design. Here are some highlights of the final design.

Project Manager Dashboard

This is where the project manager knows the status of each project and gets real-time updates and data visualized on the current state of the project and the amount of work done by each department.

Employee Project Tracking & Updating

The employee gets an overview of each project as to the work he has to do for each module and logs the work he has done on them.

Client Project Tracking

The client dashboard provides an overview of the status of each project as it updates. Here he can see the amount of work done.

Ticket Management

The client can communicate with the developer or the other stakeholders directly and can update issues he is facing while using the software by raising tickets and discussing with people assigned to each ticket to get the problem resolved.

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