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Freelance Marketing Tips for UX Designers to Fly Higher!

As UX freelancing flourishes with modern times, unarguably, the field is also turning into a competitive one! We know how cool it looks to people when you describe yourself as a freelance designer. Work without any boss or office looks cozy to them. However, they overlook the nerve-wracking schedules that force you to get up at 3 in the morning to complete project targets! While managing work and finding the right clients can be challenging for a freelance UX designer, once you ace how to portray yourselves in the market and learn to transform your passions into profits, nothing can stop you from becoming a successful and professional freelance UX designer! Thus, lock in your mind the freelance marketing tips for UX designers given this article.

The right marketing strategy is the need of the hour for aspiring and veteran freelance UX designers. If the freelance revolution grows with the same wavelength, some legit reports say, the freelance community can make a profit of an excellent 24% in 2020 compared to what they made in 2019.

Why market yourself as a freelance UX designer?

With great power comes great responsibilities! So, with the power of flexibility, a UX designer cannot take the risk to keep marketing off the priority list. The simplest reason why you should keep up with marketing is the uncertain nature of the business that pushes you to reach out and stay alert for new opportunities. Moreover, in the cut-throat industry, the market reputation is everything for a freelance UX designer!

The perfect marketing approach improves your skills to target the right clients, projects and enhances your integrity as a skillful UX designer. It’s like a knight in shining armor that protects you from uncertain business gigs and wrong career decisions. What’s more? Marketing is your savior when it comes to trial and error as you balance work and life. It sets boundaries for the type and amount of work you desire to seek along with generating a healthy client relationship.

Freelancing can be tricky without the correct marketing strategy. Marketing cultivates certainty of business and helps you keep a promising reputation. With the right clients and projects, marketing saves you from the fear of short-term unsatisfactory business.

Best Marketing Tips For Freelance

Create an outstanding portfolio- A UX designer’s portfolio visually presents the best of their works and echoes their skills, talents, and personality. A creative portfolio should be sacred to a freelance UX designer because that is the first thing your clients are eager to explore before hiring you. Thus, an updated, well-defined portfolio highlighting your core talents and working discipline will assist you in exemplifying the correct marketing strategy.

Define and Display- You have to target your skills that follow the dynamic demands of the highly saturated market. Then, wrap the skills in a visually appealing display and drop in the market what you’ve got in the store! Remember to highlight work and skills that bagged you the “nailed it!” compliments. This practice will allow you to target the type of clients you desire and save you from the oops moments! With the targeted marketing strategy, you will ultimately develop the correct online pitching style and master your client reach capabilities.

Build a website or keep blogging- It is imperative for a UX designer to learn marketing through a personal website or blog. It’s like your store where you sell your talent but a lot on your terms. So, ensure a visible contact section to prompt client leads and acquaint them with your socializing skills. Your website or blog will be utterly facilitative to attract traffic and clients in a constantly evolving virtual world.

Keep networking a priority- While your website or blog will introduce and connect you as a UX designer, regular online networking on platforms such as LinkedIn, Upwork, Slack, Dribbble, etc., will help you stay on the ground and keep playing! They update you with the latest trends, provide you a platform to display your special skills, and finally, grow your contacts and PR with the design community. But, as you keep up with online networking, don’t underestimate the power of traditional-style meetings and conferences. Offline networking provides you with a hoard of opportunities to expand your circle and vibe with clients in person.

Don’t miss out on client feedback- If you outperform the tasks and offer a wonderful experience to the clients, do not let the opportunity to get a shoutout slide! Ask them to write their satisfactory remarks for your achievements and work discipline. Your happy clients may win you a lead for your next big client; you never know! So, make sure to regularly update your portfolio and networking platforms with the best client feedback.

Always work the extra mile and keep learning- To reinstate the value you add with your work, go above and beyond to exceed client expectations and make them feel prioritized. Enlighten them with your suggestions and improvements for the project. Also, learning new technological advancements and theories of UX design will significantly help you gain client confidence. The continuous gain of information through new software, blogs, or books will help you stay a step ahead of your peers. And, take it from us, a marketing strategy that walks along with trendy UX skills and experience is cool enough for your clients!

With insurmountable challenges, mere word of mouth is not enough to cope with client expectations and stay relevant. However, you can carve out an excellent career as a freelance UX designer if you champion the practical and dynamic marketing tips.


Well, that may look like a lot of work, but it will surely yield you great business prospects. As daunting as it may seem, freelance UX designing with the right marketing approach will align your work with your career goals. It will calm the stress of fast-paced working as it allows you to manage the work-life dichotomy. The right marketing does so by acquainting you with a profitable business, reliable long-term clients, and a clean work routine. So, as new opportunities await, get started to welcome new energy for personal and professional growth! Best of luck!

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