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eCommerce Website Redesign - UX Case Study

The existing e-commerce ecosystem is built around companies which curate products using algorithms to personalised products based on the customers existing purchasing behavior; customers are not exposed to the new products which are useful to them. Indian Octopus curates designer products which help expose these valuable products to new markets.

Indian Octopus approached us to help redesign their website to represent better the quality of products being sold.


To understand the problem better, we had discussions with the main stakeholder to understand his target customer, existing problems his customers are facing, existing challenges they were meeting to provide a fluid experience to their customers.


After understanding the main problems from the stakeholders, we did our internal research. We conducted a UX audit to identify flaws in the usability of the website and started Identifying and Iterating on the visual design with regular feedback with Indian Octopus.


We finalized on a variation on the existing branding as the final logo and used elements from the branding to influence the final visual design of the website.

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