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An affordable & scalable parcel delivery platform — UX Case study

The on-demand parcel delivery industry is stuck with the same system of delivering parcels. This model required a delivery company to hire a massive fleet of delivery personnel who would pick up and drop packages. This system required an enormous upfront investment, which would cause the costs to deliver each package to increase.

Dropdart came with a solution, where they would get everyday people to deliver the parcels on their way to work or wherever they were going. They also wanted this whole process to be as quick and straightforward as possible to make it convenient for people to request delivery as well as the people performing a delivery.


For our research, we looked into the existing system in other industries taking into reference other on-demand service applications to see how they handled this particular issue, spoke to the stakeholders, identified potential customers and interviewed them.

We also looked into government regulations and requirements to provide a service like this.


After the research, some of the main issues with the solution involved trust. Most people would not trust giving their parcel to be delivered by a random stranger, which was one of the biggest challenges we had to solve while building the system.

To solve this problem, we built the whole system around trust — where we would vet each person who would request to make the delivery and keep customers in a constant loop so they would know exactly where the package is at all times. We also gave the customers an option to pay the extra cost for a premium service where an employee of the company itself would make the delivery for them in case it is a treasured item.


Since the main issue, we saw during our research was trust, we decided to use green to represent stability and consistency in the brand to build that.

For the rest of the visual design, we used much white as well to emphasize the information on the screen and not distract them from their primary function.

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